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3 Ways You Can Fix Terrible Online Ads

  1. User interaction time

This model entails a user spending time watching an ad and the time is measured. This model includes the amount of pixels really visible when doing so. This model only works with specific browsers that have this in built feature in them.

  1. Analytics

You can also try keeping an eye on the Google Analytics traffic. While this model may not disclose how much users have dealt with an ad on page, it surely reveals the number of subscribers. This info can be combined with other effective methods for targeting that audience, push notifications and emails. In this way, the online ads are completely removed and only relevant ads are shown.

Once the irrelevant and unwanted ads are removed by Hong Kong advertising industry, you can see a system that is profitable and entertaining for all parties involved. Eventually, ads allow to use many services at absolutely no cost, but blockchain lets you enjoy the experience as well.

  1. Ad blockers

While there are still many users who hate ads by all means, maybe because of ad fatigue or trust issues, so they opt for ad blockers or premium services to not be bothered by these ads. Companies need to learn to filter ads if they are using their data to deliver content to the users.

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