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How to Provide a Safe Home for a Guard Dog

So, you’ve decided to get a guard dog and you are wondering about how to keep them safe in their new environment. A highly trained guard dog is a great addition to any family, not just because they act as loyal protectors, but they also bring companionship. Even though a guard dog is well-trained, you’ll still need to provide them with a safe environment to ensure they thrive in their new setting.

Remove Dangerous Objects

A simple way to ensure your guard dog is safe in your home and yard is to take dangerous objects out of their way. If you are planning on looking for a company who has Rottweiler or German Shepherd puppies for sale, you’ll need to make sure your property is safe.

If you have any potentially breakable or harmful items lying around the garden or your home, you must remove them before your guard dog comes. Always get rid of items such as:

  • Glass
  • Knives
  • Crockery
  • Cleaning products

Any of these could harm your guard dog, so store them in a safe place to ensure they don’t come into contact with anything dangerous. Guard dogs are highly intelligent, and they are capable of more than you can imagine, so keep harmful items well away from them.

Be Aware of the Weather

During the summer months, the temperatures can rise to sweltering levels, making your home and garden a dangerous place to be without access to water and shade. A huge number of guard dogs pass away each year because of heat stroke, their owners sometimes forget that they need to provide access to water and shade at all times of the day. To prevent your dog from suffering from heat stroke, you must ensure they have enough drinking water and they have a place to rest in the shade. You can buy automatic water dispensers online to make your property safe for your dog.

Outdoor Space

You should provide your guard dog with enough space to move around freely and play with toys when in your garden. When looking after your dog, make sure you create a stimulating environment where they can run around and play during the day. If you don’t have a lot of space in your backyard, you must bring them out for regular exercise every day.

Sleeping Quarters

If you don’t want to have your dog sleeping in the house, it is important to provide them with a dog shed which protects them from the elements. They’ll need a warm shed that protects them from the wind, rain and sun. You should also provide toys to allow them to play and promote positive mental health.

Some guard dogs are strong minded and try to assert themselves over a new owner or other pets in the home. You should establish certain boundaries the moment your dog enters your property. Although they are trained and obedient, there must be no question as to who is in charge. Following the points above will provide a safe home for your new guard dog.

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