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Installing Windows 10 Pro: Activation, Keys, Advantages, And More!

Windows 10 has been lauded as a better version of Windows 7. It doesn’t have the complicated touch-oriented interface of Windows 8.1 and yet feels premium. There are two basic editions of Windows 10, called the Home and Pro editions. The Home edition is designed for regular and noncommercial use, while the Pro edition is meant for businesses and professionals. To use the latter, you must get Windows 10 Pro key first. In this post, we are discussing further on why the Pro edition is better and how you can activate it on your computer.

Why go for Windows 10 Pro?

Windows 10 Pro has a few security and connectivity features that the Home edition doesn’t offer. These include Remote Desktop, Assigned Access 8.1, Domain Join, Group Policy Management, Direct Access, and Bitlocker. If yours is a small company that must stay connected with remote teams and must take extra step to ensure data security, the Pro edition is definitely better. Also, the Pro edition includes everything that Home includes.

How to install Windows 10 Pro?

Microsoft allows you to download and install Windows 10 Pro for free, but to use the full suite of personalization and other features, you need a product key. Product keys are a standard feature of Microsoft products for a while now. You can get a key for Windows 10 Pro from the official website or from third-party vendors. The latter is a better choice in terms of pricing, because you can always get a discount. These are retail keys that vendors get in bulk from resellers. You can make the purchase, and they will send the Windows 10 Pro key to your email.

Activating your edition

  • Go to Settings section on your computer (Press Windows Key +I)
  • Find the Update and Security tab
  • Select the option of Activation
  • Update your product key

Note that the product key needs to be valid and genuine for Windows 10 Pro, and you only need to use it once. One product key can be used for one edition or computer only. Also, you need an active internet connection to complete the process. If your edition is successfully activated, you will get all future updates from Microsoft on Windows 10 Pro. The key must be saved safely because you may require in case of a factory reset.

Check online now to find vendors to get Windows 10 Pro keys.

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