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Internet Technology Helps Business Compete Correctly

What was once a pattern has become an accepted business necessity as increasing numbers of

and much more companies make use of the Internet simply because they observe how web-based solutions can streamline their business while helping them save money and time. Today, Internet technology helps businesses contend with Fortune 500 companies because they build eBusiness Infrastructure.

Companies no more need to purchase in-house IT infrastructure to aid packaged hardware and software to set up and keep. With only Access to the internet along with a internet browser, web-based solutions can provide integrated business tools like Document Management, Cms, Customer Relations Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Enterprise Telephone systems that automate business operations regardless of what that business is. An example of small businesses utilizing the strength of the web effectively is Olympic Moving and Storage. The organization has two locations. The first is in MA and the other in Veterans administration. The organization has recognized significant increases in business by adopting an online-based business infrastructure. Before applying web-based solutions, the business’s two locations were completely separated without any direct connection backward and forward. The organization first implemented a Virtual private network (virtual private network). Essentially a Virtual private network is really a private network that utilizes an open network (normally the Internet) for connecting remote sites or users together. Using the Virtual private network installed, Olympic Moving now is able to maintain fast, secure and reliable communications backward and forward locations. Applying the Virtual private network has basically place the MA and Veterans administration offices in one place.

Another internet based solution Olympic implemented was a web-based quote management system that gives quoting and lead management information and is made to manage and organize the quotes the organization generates through the website forms, and also the demands joined by office staff with the website. By using this online application enables Olympic to reply to quote demands with a user friendly interface, look for quotes and enables multiple individuals to send quotes at the same time. These applications frequently occasions provide prices info on exact and other alike moves from past data, and includes custom HTML emails that may be delivered to their past and current client list, causeing this to be particular application a really inexpensive, simple advertising tool. Any worker from Olympic Moving and Storage, when they have the program, may use it to conduct business from the Internet-connected PC, whenever, anywhere. This online application requires no IT/Database Admin overhead, no Software/Hardware investment with no upfront costs.

Probably the most exciting and price saving Online applications adopted by Olympic Moving is the Voice over internet protocol (voice over ip) based telephone system. By using a top quality, digital T1 based Voice over internet protocol telephone system, the organization is saving 100’s of dollars per month in phone bills. Additionally, before they adopted the Voice over internet protocol system, they’d two separate telephone systems, one for every location. Now, only getting one system for locations has permitted calls to become handled by one office, saving money and time that may be better employed for other integral business applications. Because the telephone system can also be Internet-based it integrates seamlessly along with other applications.

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